Aventis Turbine

Intelligent wind turbine with vertical rotation axis with adaptive blade adjustment

The AVENTIS wind turbine is intended for individual as well as commercial and institutional customers. It will work very well as power supply for houses, agricultural farms, blocks of flats, public utility buildings, hotels, office buildings. This type of device can be used in the places with limited access to electrical power.

  • Innovative system of blades optimization for as big optimization of energy gains as possible
  • Energy generated regardless of the wind direction
  • Aerodynamic rotor regulation makes it possible for the turbine to operate in such conditions in which other turbines do not work
  • High performance [0,55]
  • Stable and light construction
  • Resistant to difficult weather conditions – dust, humidity, UV radiation, high and low temperatures
  • Produced of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials
  • Innovative system that enables installation in varied conditions – on posts, lattices and roofs
  • Product patent

Aventis 6

Aventis 10

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